About the service

What you get

  • 24/7 technical support of servers and project’s infrastructure
  • ready-to-use CI/CD platform
  • setting up and maintaining CI/CD pipeline for the project
  • round the clock monitoring of server operations and key business metrics
  • recommendations on issues of health and infrastructure optimization
  • expertise DevOps and SRE professionals
  • backup configuring and monitoring
  • rapid response to accidents and other incidents
    CI/CD as a service

    What are the benefits of our CI/CD platform

      • Private Git-hosting for infrastructure and project code
      • Private registry for Docker containers
      • Private storage for LXC/LXD-images
      • Integration with monitoring systems
      • Integration with the popular instant messengers (Slack / Telegram / MSTeams)
      • Full transparency and access to the history of changes
      • Configuration-as-Code
      • Faster migration to another data center in an emergency case
      • Ability to quickly setup new servers in case of performance problems
        About the CI/CD platform

        How the CI/CD platform works

        All components of our CI/CD system are blocks that allow you to build complex solutions of almost any complexity. The simplest scenario is as follows:

        • Changes are made to the source code (or configuration files)
        • The latest changes are downloaded and the "build" in the CI system is started (the main logic of the entire process)
        • Automatic testing is performed (we reduce the number of erroneous edits)
        • The results of a successful build are uploaded to the repository (so-called build artifacts)
        • The correct revision (both code and configuration) is published on the correct servers.
        • Notifications about the results are sent (to chats or other communication channels).
          CI/CD features

          Advantages of the approach

          • Possibility of making changes from your side and our side
          • Transparency of changes by storing history and automatic notifications
          • Automated testing to reduce human error
          • Automated deployment of both code and infrastructure changes
          • Ability to quickly roll back changes to the desired assembly
          • Reducing the time spent on performing typical operations (setup/testing,etc.)
          • All paid work is available in the form of source codes and configurations to configure
          • Reuse of previous developments anywhere
            The price of the service

            The cost of supporting 1 server starts from $260 per month

            The fee is the same for all projects regardless of scale. The price of the service includes:

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              DevOps and SRE specialists’ expertise

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              Proactive infrastructure monitoring

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              Access to a ready-to-use CI/CD platform

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              Reports on completed tasks

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            What technologies do we use in our work

            Of course, not all technologies are reflected here. For a detailed list, see the frequently asked questions section

            About us

            We are a team of SRE and DevOps specialists

            We help online projects to solve technical problems with servers, build a stable infrastructure, and implement CI/CD in their work processes.

            • For whom

              We will be useful for both startups with multiple servers and online projects that have a complex infrastructure.

            • Approaches

              We use proven configurations and software that, in our experience, are the most stable and predictable.

            • Additional services

              With monthly support, you get not only the competencies of DevOps and SRE specialists, but also ready-to-use solutions and services that you can use in your projects.


              Frequently Asked Questions

              We are also glad to answer any questions you may have while discussing your tasks.

              We already have CI/CD

              Access to our CI/CD platform is included in the monthly maintenance fee. But this does not impose any obligations on you to use it. For you, this is an opportunity to see all paid work and get a ready-to-use configuration at any time.

              We already have our own monitoring

              Our monitoring system is primarily needed by our engineers to perform tasks. In other words, it is a critical and mandatory element in our work toolset. But as with the CI/CD platform, you can continue to use the tool you are familiar with for your own purposes. Alternatively, you can still use our monitoring as a ready-to-use feature that is regularly updated and improved by our team.

              We have the configured autoscaling to calculate the fee

              Usually, with this scheme, only part of the infrastructure changes (depending on the current load), while part always remains static. In this case, the monthly cost of maintenance will depend on the amount of work on the project. To give you approximate figures, you need to clarify a number of details. Contact us to discuss them.

              Which tools and technologies do you use?

              • PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, Bash;
              • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, Cassandra, Riak;
              • Nginx, Apache, Lighthttpd, Traefik, Caddy, PHP-FPM, Thin/Puma/Unicorn;
              • MinIO, ELK, Graylog, Piwik and other data storage and processing systems;
              • Grafana, Prometheus, Alertmanager, Loki, Netdata, cAdvisor, Alerta;
              • Gitea/GitLab/Jenkins, Drone CI, Ansible, Molecule, Testinfra, Packer, Docker and LXD;
              • Data centers and clouds (AWS, GCE, Azure, DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, OVH, Hetzner, Selectel).

              The list is regularly updated, as well as the development of technologies, we do not stand still. If you are interested in something specific, write to us.

              What payment options are there?

              • Bank transfer

              How is the contract made?

              In order to optimize work processes, we do not enter into contracts with bilateral signatures and seals, but work exclusively on a public offer. In accordance with paragraph 3 article 438 RF CC the offer acceptance is equivalent to signing a contract on the terms set forth in the offer.

              The text of the public offers can be found on our website:

              Do you provide certificates of work performed?

              Yes. Certificates of completed works are provided monthly.

              Still in doubt?

              If you do not want to rush to a decision or are not sure about the need for monthly technical support, order an infrastructure audit. Based on the audit results, you will receive a detailed report with recommendations for optimizing the operation of your project's infrastructure. Learn more about the audit

              If you did not find the answer to your question, please, contact us.