Montly support

Project infrastructure and CI/CD support

We ensure stable operation of the project infrastructure, implement CI/CD and proven solutions.

The service includes:

  • project technical support 24/7
  • access to a ready-to-use CI/CD platform
  • setting up and maintaining the CI/CD pipeline for the project
  • proactive monitoring of server performance and key business metrics
  • prompt response to disaster and other critical incidents
One-time service

Configuring servers and infrastructure for the project

We prepare the project server and platform for the necessary tasks, using stable and proven solutions.

Customizing and optimizing:

  • infrastructure for various CMS systems
  • a platform for the development
  • mail servers
  • database servers
  • file and object storages
One-time service

Project infrastructure performance audit

We find the source of server problems and bottlenecks in the project infrastructure, and tell you about possible risks.

Based on the audit results, we suggest the best solutions how to:

  • optimize software parameters for more efficient and faster work
  • ensure fault tolerance and increase the availability of services on servers
  • improve the level of security and protection of infrastructure and servers
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What technologies do we use in our work

This is only a small part. For more information, see the service description pages in the FAQ section

About us

We are a team of SRE and DevOps specialists

We help online projects to solve technical problems with servers, build a stable infrastructure, and implement CI/CD in their work processes.

  • For whom

    We will be useful for both startups with multiple servers and online projects that have a complex infrastructure.

  • Approaches

    We use proven configurations and software that, in our experience, are the most stable and predictable.

  • Additional services

    With monthly support, you get not only the competencies of DevOps and SRE specialists, but also ready-to-use solutions and services that you can use in your projects.

    Some facts

    More than 200 projects were helped to set up the infrastructure and fix problems with servers

    • 5 K+

      configured servers
    • 90 K+

      completed tickets
    • 100 K+

      hours worked
    Prices of services

    Cost of maintaining, configuring, and auditing servers


    from $125

    • Data collection
    • Audit of the current configuration
    • Analysis of "bottlenecks"
    • Report with recommendations

    Support service

    from $260

    • 24/7 technical support
    • Ready-to-use CI/CD platform
    • Configuring the CI/CD pipeline
    • Proactive monitoring


    from $165

    • For popular CMS (Bitrix, Wordpress, etc)
    • Mail servers
    • Database servers, etc.
    • The platform for the development