Our approaches

Ready-to-use solutions and services

With regular cooperation, you get not only the competencies of DevOps and SRE specialists, but also ready-to-use solutions and services that you can use in your projects:

  • configured server monitoring, which allows you to track, including business metrics of the project
  • a ready-to-use CI/CD platform that you can use for your development cycle
    Our approaches

    Standards and quality control

    • We use proven configurations and software that are the most stable and predictable in our experience.
    • We automate our work in order to increase efficiency and prevent errors related to the human factor.
    • We develop and apply strict principles and quality standards to the work of all team members.
    • We carry out internal quality control.
    • We improve the skills and knowledge of the team.
      Our approaches

      Transparency in work and confidentiality of information

        • Clients always know when and what work was done on the project.
        • We treat any client information as confidential by default.
        • We take all possible measures to ensure the safety and prevent leaks of any data.
          Some facts

          More than 200 projects were helped to set up the infrastructure and fix problems with servers

          • 5 K+

            configured servers
          • 90 K+

            completed tickets
          • 100 K+

            hours worked
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          What technologies do we use in our work

          This is only a small part. For more information, see the service description pages in the FAQ section